If you have viewed other real estate inspection websites you may have noticed that most do not post their pricing.  PPA is a firm believer in presenting a true representation of what an inspection will cost our customers.  As a consumer ourselves, we don’t like surprises when it comes to our wallets.  Therefore, we include the prices for some of the services we offer.  It’s the right thing to do!

PPA bases the price of a TREC inspection on the actual square foot of a home.  This square foot is not always represented in the MLS data sheet or an appraisal.  The appraised size represents the square foot of livable space or what is considered conditioned space.  A home is made up of more than conditioned space.

Therefore, we accurately measure the footprint of a homes foundation within +/- 3 sq ft.  We do this so pricing of a PPA inspections is always consistent and fair to our customers as well as to PPA.

Here is a breakdown of how it works:

We charge a minimum of $295.00 for the first 2000 square feet of a home regardless if the home is less than 2000 sq ft or its age. Each additional square foot beyond 2000 sq ft is priced at 10 cents per foot.

Lets look at an example:

House A has 1337 sq ft. stated in the MLS data sheet’s square foot section that was assessed by a county tax assessor. PPA measures the foundation and it is a total of 2168 square feet. This is because the garage, porches and stoops were not included in the appraisal as they are not considered livable space. However, we must inspect these areas and therefore they are include in the total foot print of the foundation and subsequently in the price of the inspection. So the cost to inspect House A is $311.80. This figure comes from the fact that the house is a total of 2168 square feet. Therefore, 2168 – 2000 = 168. The first 2000 sq ft is $295.00  +  $16.80 for the remainder of 168 additional feet (168  X  .10 = 16.80).

2016 Fee Schedule

  • Inspected home (≤ 2000 sq ft)       $295.00
  • Homes greater than 2000 sq ft $.10 per foot
  • Aerobic septic systems                   $60.00
  • Water wells                                       $40.00
  • In-ground swimming pools            $60.00
  • Irrigation Systems                            $20.00
  • Additional HVAC systems               $30.00
  • Additional water heaters                $20.00
  • Crawl spaces                                     $50.00
  • WDI (termite inspections)               $75.00 to $125.00
  • Thermal Imaging                                $.23 per sq ft

*some discounts may apply with multiple ancillary systems as part of an inspection*

Note: Property Performance Assessments outsources all WDI inspections for liability reasons and cost value to our customers.

We have great relationships with many pest control companies throughout the DFW area who can provide this service. Additionally, we ask that our customers pay directly to these companies if they require a WDI inspection and wish to have it performed.

Many times we prefer to look at a home before a WDI inspection is ordered. We can often save our customers money before hand. Many homes have had recent WDI inspections performed and the result of those inspections or treatment are documented on a WDI sticker affixed on the home. Also, if soil levels are in check and no conducive conditions exist, then a WDI is not always warranted.  However, if a lender is requiring a WDI to be performed, we can always orchestrate that service for our customers.

We can always be reached at (817) 559-7477 or our contact page if you have any questions or need clarification.

*This is not an extensive list of the services PPA provides and prices are subject to change without notice*