PPA Specials

Seller’s Assessment Inspections

Because of overwhelming response, Property Performance Assessments, LLC. is bringing back the $100 Seller’s Assessment Inspection for a limited time only.

PPA is offering property condition evaluations for only $100 exclusively to home sellers.  This service help prepare a home for sale and minimizes the stumbling blocks often associated when negotiating contracts and offers for the sell of a home. This service is considered more essential than having a home staged for sale.

The $100 fee can then be rebated back to the seller if a full inspection is ordered and performed by Property Performance Assessments, LLC. for a home that the seller is purchasing within six months from the date of the Seller’s Assessment Inspection.  Some limitations and restrictions apply. Please Contact us for details.

FHA/HUD Compliance Inspections

When a home is financed via a FHA/HUD loan, a Compliance Inspection is required from lenders.  PPA provides these inspections for our mortgage customers and has been since 2007. These inspections are required on new and existing construction that are insured through FHA.

PPA will waive the FHA/HUD Compliance Inspection fee to the lender which is rolled into finance or closing cost that the buyer ultimately pays for if we provide a full TREC inspection on the property that is being purchased for the buyer/mortgagee. This can save a home buyer up to $250 in closing costs. Some limitations and restrictions apply. Please Contact us or have your mortgage lender call us at (817) 559-7477 for more details.